New and Enhanced Online Learning Platform Moali Seeks Instructors to Join Its Community of Learning

3 minutes

New platform enters the Global E-learning Market, simplifies teachers’ ability to interact 1:1 — inspiring students and getting paid for their time.

UNITED STATESMoali, a global, all-in-one knowledge-sharing web platform is seeking instructors, consultants, experts, chefs, mentors, musicians, educators, and more to join its e-learning platform that services their end-to-end needs that: 

  • Simplifies online appointment scheduling
  • Hosts 1:1 video learning sessions
  • Streamlines payment processing
  • Promotes and markets within the platform 
  • Continuously innovates versatility in application functionality 
  • Leads industry standards in security and privacy protection

Moali gives professional and part-time knowledge-workers the ability to publish their online profile, schedule lessons with students, conduct interactive video lessons, track payments and upcoming events, and promote lessons for new students from a single dashboard.

Steven Blohm, Founder and CEO of Moali, added, “In the new era of global learning, Moali was designed with the independent teachers and mentors who want to spark learning worldwide. Our vision is to become the platform that reimagines how knowledge is shared through e-learning — an industry that is here to stay.”

Blohm continued, "Moali is truly a one stop shop. Not only can each individual set their own hours, they will also gain an enormous amount of valuable time back simply by logging into a single hub that will replace the neverending password hassle and loop of managing separate scheduling, promoting and payment processing systems. It’s a win-win.”

Moali’s is currently seeking instructors and subject matter experts in following fields: 

  • Creative Arts
  • Lifestyle
  • Health and Beauty
  • Business
  • Science
  • Coding 
  • Photography 
  • Financial Planning 
  • Graphic Design
  • Music and the Performing Arts
  • Culinary

Moali plans to launch a complimentary mobile application later this year.